S02Ep23-Instagram LIVE Watch Party “The Mummy” and all things Brendan Fraser

When you are dealing with an Autoimmune condition or chronic illness it can feel like your whole life is all about the disease and nothing else. BREAK FREE! Every now and then you need a mental health day where you pick your favorite movie, book, or activity that makes you happy. For us Academy Award Winner Brendan Fraser fits the bill. From his swing through the comedy trees in George of the Jungle to his rugged adventurer, Rick O’Connell in The Mummy we can’t help but smile. Our tips for this week…

  • Simply smile.
  • Get together with a group of friends and have your own watch party.
  • Find a way to take two hours to yourself.

You can all kinds of things about Brendan Fraser online if he tickles your fancy or let us know on Instagram@2_redheads_walk_into_a_podcast some of your favorite activities that you engage in for your mental health day.

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