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We’re taking a holiday break!
Join us next year as we GO RETRO with a trip to the 1990s in February 2024

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Thank you so much for being our loyal listeners this year. We have had so much fun with the podcast and are looking forward to Season 3. While we are on break, enjoy the holidays and some of our past episodes. We’ll be back in February 2024 with all new content!
Next year we are GOING RETRO! We’ll be taking the year to talk about everything from the 1990’s. But we don’t just want to tell you all the things we loved about the decade, WE WANT YOU to tell us what music, movies, clothes and everything you enjoyed about the 1990’s, especially if you live overseas. We have no idea what the top album was in Sweden or what the style was in Japan. For that matter we don’t know what local bands were popular in Detroit or Des Moines back then. Share your stories with us at and maybe we’ll mention you on an upcoming episode. Check back soon for our Season 3 episode list Jan 1!

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  • What foods were popular in your country, state or city in 1990?
  • What was your favorite movie of the 90’s? We REALLY liked “Only You” with Robert Downey Jr and Marissa Tomei
  • Did you have a favorite comedian?

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