S02Ep18-Improve Your Life with Mobility and Movement

March into this week’s episode as we chat with Natasha Alkire from Tash Fitness about how to bring mobility and movement into your life. For those of us with Autoimmune and chronic illnesses getting your exercise can be quite a challenge. Lori, Natasha, and I outline some great, and surprising, suggestions on how to make getting in some steps a little easier. The episode includes:

  • The power of isometric movement.
  • Other activities that burn as many calories as an hour long walk:
    • fidgeting all day
    • 1/2 hour of ping pong
    • 3 hours of knitting or crocheting
    • 1/2 hour playing with your kids or your pet. Julia Derek has some hilarious Catercising videos.
  • Utilizing a pool, if you have access to one, to take some pressure of your joints. A heated pool can also help with some of the joint inflammation.
  • How simply adding a resistance band to any small movement can kick it up a notch.
  • The simplicity of standing. For ever hour you sit, make a point to stand up for at least five minutes.

To learn more about Natasha Alkire and Tash Fitness, visit their website on Instagram @Tash_FitnessLLC_18 or on Facebook

Here are some other great resources to help you discover more about integrating mobility and movement into your life!

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