S02Ep20-Coffee Vs Tea 2 – The Tea-rriffic Benefits of Tea

Celebrate your first “on-site” episode at our afternoon tea with Kate Stein and Marianne Wilson Stein from the Dandelion Teahouse and Apothecary! We take a deeper sip into everything tea and enjoyed a déjà brew of great information on…

  • The benefit and use of tea in skin care products
  • The huge differences between tea in bags and loose leaf tea
  • Why it is important to brew different types of teas at different temperatures
  • How they develop their unique tea elixirs (one came them in a dream!)

To learn more about the Dandelion Teahouse and Apothecary visit their web site at Dandelionteahouse.com

Here are some other great resources to help you discover more about the tea-rriffic world of tea!

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Whoops! Sometimes it happens and we forget to include some information in the podcast. The tea plant and the tea plant oil Marianne referred to are from two different plants, same family but not the same. Tea is Camellia Sinensis and the Tea oil is Camellia oleifera. A taxonomic species within the family Theaceae — the tea plant. Camellia oleifera is a variety of green tea plant that originated in China but is now grown all over the world. Like its sister plant Camellia sinensis (the best-known type of green tea), it is a rich source of antioxidants and a welcome addition to any skin care product.

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